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Welcome to the Olds College Information Technology Department. Here you will find online information for students and staff about using technology and information at Olds College. Please search for the topic you’re interested in or browse through our subject areas. We’re also happy to assist you in person, via email, or over the phone.

Contacting Support:

Email: itsupport@oldscollege.ca Phone: (403) 507-7777 Service Hours: Monday to Friday 7:45 to 5:00 Location : Learning Resource Centre – Library

What does Information Technology do?

Provides support for all your technology needs and questions. Build and maintain Olds College desktops and laptops. Create and maintain staff, faculty, and student network accounts and network accesses Create and maintain staff, faculty, and student email accounts and distribution lists. Install and maintain wireless and wired networks across the above campuses. Maintain and manage student and financial database systems. Install and maintain phones and voicemail. Install and maintain multimedia equipment. Manage campus computer labs.